Salutogenesis - The new understanding of health

  • In recent decades, the Health Sciences developed a new 'salutogenic' health approach, not more - than the traditional disease-centered (pathogenic) analysis - provides the proper functioning of the body and the prevention or elimination of disease in the foreground, but the question the factors that create or preserve the health and personal resources that everyone has access to it.nnHealth depends not only on bio-material, but also from psychological, emotional, social and environmental factors, and ultimately of spiritual factors and can not be completely defined by the traditional biological and psychological terms. The salutogenic understanding of health is not about the control of disease, but to strengthen and improve health. This is a matter of holistic life style and the art of living, the individual and social meaning of life and the unfolding of the potentials of every individual.nnNot doctors and other experts are responsible for salutogenic view primarily for our health, but every single person for themselves personal responsibility, self-determination and self-regulation are important, and self-determined design of one's life and creative participation in the social and cultural development are the most important thing we can do for our health. Basis for a healthy life, the ability to perceive oneself and one's own physical and mental processes, thus providing increased physical, emotional and spiritual self-regulation possible.nnMethods, with which every self-awaken and develop this capability and thus can learn to control his own mental and physical states to develop their own personality holistically, the so-called "Selbstkultivationsmethoden", should therefore be important in future for the health care system.

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