9. AZK Conference - The Real Danger of Nuclear Power - Dr. phil. Holger Strohm - full english dub

  • Nuclear power expert Dr. phil. Holger Strohm speaks in front of a packed house at the annual AZK (anti-censorship-coalition) conference 2013. Fully dubbed in English.nnIn this lively lecture, he explains the often overlooked dangers of the so called "peaceful" nuclear energy, the many things wrong with our dealing with this type of power and how we will ultimately destroy our planet if we do not change direction together as aware human beings.nnIn 1973 Dr. Holger Strohm wrote the German bestseller "Friedlich in die Katastrophe" ("Quietly into Disaster") in which he relentlessly educated the public about the real dangers of nuclear energy to humanity, the biosphere of Earth as well as all future generations. In his book he builds upon thousands of scientific findings and literature sources to make a strong claim against the continued use of ANY type of fission which always results in uncontrollable radiation and the amassing of long half life materials used in warfare as well as detrimental effects to our own planet that result from our continued use of nuclear power plants.nnUp to this day, not a single error has been found in the work and the book has been republished multiple times. Recently, the movie with the same name has been released, also in english language.nnThe movie trailer for "Quietly into Disaster" can be seen here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=sK6oou1ZEO4nnOrder the movie here: quietly-into-disaster.com/nnWe sincerely thank the team of the anti-censorship-coalition for their support of this dubbing project!nnThis english dub was performed by Dr. Holger Strohm himself.nThe lecture starts at @ 3:09nnPlease spread this talk far and wide within the english speaking world.nnThis lecture was originally recorded on Novembre 23rd, 2013 at the AZK conference in Chur, Switzerland.nwww.anti-zensur.info

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