Corona Virus - China Under Attack? Christoph Hörstel AHaberTV 2020-2-6

  • Recorded as material for "Yazboz", 2020-2-8
    My interview concept
    I Corona Virus
    Information on production of virus in laboratories: Washington Post
    Patents: do exist: on several genetic sequenences in the genetic code oft he virus
    Several types: SARS, MERS
    „Gates profits from the virus“ – surely not directly
    Fact: Gates Foundation = hotly debated globally for
    ensuring cartel influence in global development aid
    disturbing many other well-organized and truly helpful organizations
    by hiring qualified personnel for ultra high salaries, destroying recruitment market
    running strange and unusual kinds of investments, e.g. in laboratories
    Virus-Laboratory w/ Patents in UK (2015): Pirbright Institute – bird/poultry virus
    Other investors: UK Ministry for the Environment, WHO, EU-Commission (!!)
    2019-10-18: „Event 201“: Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security: partered by
    World Economic Forum, Gates Foundation
    II US bio-weapon research
    Georgia, 17km from Tiflis, Alexeyevska: Lugar Center – since 2004:
    former Soviet military base
    Official opening ceremony 2011:: Dpty US MoD + government members
    Special contracts with US companies: “Gilead”, “Metabiota”
    Georgia: Ex-Minister for State Security: Igor Giorgadse
    At least 100'000 pages
    bacteriologic weapon studies
    experiments with Georgian population: RT interview
    alarm bell by Jeffrey Silverman: US citizen, ex-Consultant to PM Saakahsvili = US puppet
    2015: 30 death cases, 24 single day, from all over Georgia
    ALL: cause of death: unknown
    whereabouts of dead bodies
    many sick cases
    medicine: “Sovaldi”
    no case prosecution
    2016: April 30 dead, August: 13 dead
    Patents linked openly on home page Lugar Center:
    drone: contaminated insects: goal: “missions over enemy territory”
    pistol w/ special fillable ammunition: contaminated material: goal: “acts of sabotage”
    after opening of Lugar Center: massive rise cancer cases in population – brain tumors
    patients get treatment in Turkey
    Turkish doctors ask for cancer epidemic
    Many cases: wrong treatment, w’out patients’ consent
    dissenters, termination requesters: not heeded
    Network of ex-Soviet laboratories
    ex Soviet bw specialist: Ken Alibek, alias: Kanatjan Alibekov
    Vozrozhdeniya Island: Kazakh-Uzbek border
    Almaty, Stepnogorsk: Kazakhstan
    Nukus: Uzbekistan,
    Trump: special emphasis in bw research
    “Crispr” technology: easy design of “genetic editing”
    US has history of testing on own citizens
    2018: research: US developing biological weapons
    III General Outlook
    western media downplay – especially Germany: weaker than SARS! Pandemy 2003: 803 deaths – now: stronger!
    Washington Post: Corona Virus: no link defense sector: 1-29!
    Story stinks sky-high!
    Advice to Chinese secret service: research into western military involvement in sudden outbreak in China: relevance for defense
    Thorough parliamentary enquiry and public research into research and production of influenza type viruses

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